Crawlspace Repairs & Clean Up

Restoring crawlspace damage ColumbusColumbus Critter Control provides crawlspace restoration services to clean and restore your home after facing accumulation of wildlife feces, urine, and other damages. Call our office today to schedule your Columbus crawlspace restoration inspection. Removing animals from your home isn't the only step to wildlife control. After you're done with animal removal, it will almost certainly be necessary to repair damages.

Restoring Crawl Space Damage

Wild animals that make their way into your crawlspace can be responsible for costly structural damage that will become more serious as time goes on. Animals like raccoons and squirrels can be responsible for damage to air ducts, which can make your crawlspace less effective. These animals can damage pipes, which can result in water leaks, unpleasant odors, and stains. Critter Control of Columbus is your go-to wildlife damage repair company.

  • Rodent droppings and urine that remain in the crawlspace can lead to a crop of mold and other decay.
  • The droppings and urine alone will cause a terrible odor, and the mold will only add to the unpleasant smell.
  • If you suspect or find animals, such as rodents, skunks, opossums, or raccoons, inside your crawlspace, there's a strong chance that they will rip and tear insulation and other important components of crawlspaces in order to find nesting materials.

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