Swallows love to congregate. Depending on who you ask, swallows can be helpful (they keep insect populations down) or be considered a pest (common bird damage like damaging crops). Ohio actually has eight species of swallows, including barn swallows and tree swallows. They tend to form large colonies, which can result in a lot of bird excrement. If you are having a problem with swallows, call the experts at Critter Control of Columbus. They will handle your swallow problem quickly and safely—call today or visit our contact form.

Bird Removal: Common Swallow Issues

Swallows love to congregate in areas near water—a common swallow nesting material is mud, and they also eat mud. In addition to being near water, these pest birds are known for using buildings as nesting areas, which puts your home and outbuildings at risk.

  • Some swallows prefer to nest in chimneys, while others, like the barn, swallow, enjoy utilizing more roof space.
  • Cliff swallows require overhead cover and flat supportive surfaces to build their preferred nests, which make building eaves prime roosting locations for the birds.
  • Issues caused by swallows usually comes from their tendency to gather in such large groups, proliferating potential damage.
  • Cars and farm equipment are often damaged by swallow droppings, and farmers also report a significant loss of livestock feed when the birds gather in large numbers.
  • The birds do not typically physically threaten humans, though mothers will swoop to stave off predators that get too close to their offspring.

Swallow Removal & Prevention

Property owners in Columbus can employ several exclusion methods to control swallow populations.

  • Porcupine wires, for example, can be placed on favorite roosting spots to keep the birds away.
  • Reducing insect populations and removing standing water in the area also proves helpful.
  • Leaving problems alone only invites more birds to join colonies, though they are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which makes action difficult.

The safe and legal way to regulate swallow populations is to call professional removal services. Critter Control of Columbus' technicians are ready to use our integrated pest management approach, which emphasizes swallow removal, prevention, and more. Our services keep Columbus citizens free from fines and the risk of contracting deadly diseases—call Critter Control of Columbus today to take back your home from swallows.

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Swallows are part of the family Hirundinidae and are characterized by their adaptation to aerial feeding.
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