Wildlife Management

Critter Control management programs in ColumbusWhether you need to get rid of moles or woodchucks from your commercial property, or remove bats or raccoons from the attic in your business, Critter Control of Columbus can help. We are extensively trained and experienced with raccoon removal, mole removal, woodchuck damage repair, bat prevention and everything in between! Give us a call today to schedule your commercial wildlife program!

Full-Service Control

Critter Control of Columbus is your full-service wildlife pest control company. We offer species-specific control methods to ensure each wildlife animal gets removed safely and efficiently.

Our methods involve:

  • Wildlife trapping
  • Wildlife removal
  • Damage repairs
  • Prevention

From habitat modification and exclusions, to attic insulation restoration and sealing entry holes, Critter Control of Columbus will get rid of your commercial wildlife control headache quickly.

Animal noises are generally the first sign of a wildlife control problem. If you hear thumping, scratching, squeaks, or chirping in your business or commercial property, call Critter Control of Columbus!