Columbus Attic Insulation Services

Attic insulation and restoration in ColumbusAttics that are properly insulated can be thought of as an investment. If you're simply looking to add insulation to your current level or "cap," it's even easier than a full new installation. Fortunately, attics are one of the simplest rooms to insulate. 

Before you decide if you want to add insulation, visit the Department of Energy's website to find out if your insulation is acceptable compared to the government's required level. There's a good chance that your current insulation does not meet the recommendation. 

Warning: Do NOT handle insulation that may contain asbestos. Our technicians are licensed to safely handle vermiculite insulation

Call the professionals at Critter Control for all your attic insulation needs.

Attic & Chimney Restoration In Columbus 

Attic Restoration in Columbus The animals have been removed from the attic, but you're not done yet. Most homeowners don't consider the long-term problems that the mere presence of wildlife critters can present for your Columbus home and what the implications are for you as a homeowner.

These animals carry ectoparasites (parasites that live outside their host). Once their wildlife host has been eliminated, these parasites will search for new hosts in different homes—yours. Mites, ticks, and fleas are just a few of the parasites you should be aware of. Mice in the attic, bats in the garage, raccoons in the yard, or various other wildlife intruders are notorious for trekking in with these pests.

Once we remove the wildlife problem from your home, we will implement attic remediation services. Our specialists will inspect your attic and treat for lingering critters after your problem animal(s) have been removed.

Animal Waste Removal

Now, it's important to address the waste left behind in your attic and walls—do you really want these droppings above your head?

Soiled Insulation in Columbus AtticAnimals like raccoons are known for focusing their droppings in a certain area and using a separate area for nesting. This can lead to soiled attic insulation and decreased “R” values, which means you are losing money from inefficient insulation. It can also lead to ugly ceiling stains and horrible odors. Attic remediation will bring your home back to normal after this occurrence. 

Our Columbus attic restoration professionals will remove tainted insulation and replace it with new and effective products. We can work with most insurance companies and get your attic back in shape as soon as possible.

Many pest critters can also cause chimney damage, which will require professional chimney repair. For all your attic insulation tips, attic repair, attic restoration, and chimney repair needs, contact Critter Control of Columbus.