Trust our Columbus wildlife technicians to work efficiently and professionally to make sure your residential wildlife problem is successfully and appropriately addressed. Part of our full-service process includes addressing prevention methods to make sure your problem doesn't return as soon as we leave.

Our goal is to keep nuisance pest animals like skunks, rodents, bats, opossums, and squirrels out of your home and off your property. If you are dealing with mice in your walls, raccoons in your attic, and squirrels on your roof, call us today! We also offer pest-proofing to keep insects out. Critter Control of Columbus is prepared to remove pests from your home and keep them out for several seasons to come.

Top Residential Wildlife Removal in Columbus

Mole Damage in Columbus Yard, Mole Hill and DenRegardless of the magnitude of your wildlife control problem, discovering wildlife intruders in your home is always unsettling and very often dangerous.

If you are hearing scratching in the walls, thumping in the attic, noticing animals under the porch, or smelling unpleasant odors from the attic or crawlspace, it is likely that you have a wildlife problem.

Critter Control of Columbus has extensive experience when it comes to humane wildlife control services for Columbus area residents. Our trained technicians will help you in resolving all your wildlife control issues. 

Get rid of any nuisance wildlife animal problems with Critter Control of Columbus! Services that we offer include: 

If you're not sure what service you need to bring your home back to normal, that's okay too! We will do a full inspection of your home to look for any wildlife intruders, identify where they're coming in, make a plan to remove them, and seal your home to prevent them from ever coming back. To schedule an inspection of your Columbus home, give our office a call today: 614.300.7547

Wildlife Problem Indications

Many things, including noises and visual signs, can indicate a wildlife problem in your home. As a homeowner, you want to protect your investment, and Critter Control of Columbus can help.

Some common signs of infestation in your home include:


Sounds like scratching, squealing, and scurrying are usually signs you have wildlife living in your home. These sounds may come from the ceiling, the attic, or the walls. Depending on the animal, you could hear them day or night. 


Did you find animal droppings in your attic, kitchen, basement, or another area of your Columbus sign? This is a trail that wildlife has left behind in your home! Droppings are a good way to identify which animal has taken up residence in your home. 

Tracks or Marks

Animals coming and going from your home may leave dirt tracks in your home. You might also see oil marks along the walls from rodents running around your house. If there is snow on the ground, look out for animal tracks around your home, specifically in front of vents or other potential entry points. 

Do you suspect a residential wildlife control problem? These signs could mean you need wildlife exclusion or dead animal removal. Give Critter Control of Columbus a call today for a free phone consultation. 614.300.7547

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