Is everyday groundhog day at your home in Columbus, Ohio? 

Property owners in Columbus, Ohio often deal with groundhogs, also known as woodchucks. These troublesome rodents can cause a number of problems and be a headache to deal with. Luckily, the trained professionals at Critter Control of Columbus are able to humanely remove and exclude groundhogs from your Columbus home and property. Call and schedule your appointment today!


Our technicians will: 

  • Remove Groundhogs: Groundhogs will construct a burrow often under decks, sheds, or within wooded or brushy areas. These dens have multiple entrances and exits, our technicians are able to effectively place traps and remove groundhogs safely and within the confines of the law. 
  • Keep groundhogs out: Once all groundhogs have been safely removed from your Columbus property, the next step is to make sure they don’t return. We will thoroughly inspect your property and remove any dens, burrows, or possible groundhog entry points. We can also inspect your home as means of prevention if you don’t currently have a wildlife problem but want to avoid one. 
  • Clean up and repair damage: Common groundhog problems involve plant or landscape damage. We will clean up and repair any damage caused by groundhogs. Groundhogs also are notorious for leaving waste or debris. Our technicians will clean and disinfect the problem area, ensuring that your Columbus property is safe and sanitized. 


Dangers of DIY Groundhog Removal 

When a groundhog takes over your Columbus home it’s easy to immediately search online for a do-it-yourself removal tactic. But those DIY methods are more dangerous and inconvenient than you think. 

The motivation to try DIY projects start with wanting to save money. However, DIY methods can backfire. Many DIY methods don’t work as well as they advertise, so you may end up spending more money trying several methods before finding something that works. 

DIY groundhog removal methods can also be extremely dangerous to humans for several reasons. Here are a few reasons why you should always call Critter Control of Columbus to take care of all your groundhog problems! 

  1. Groundhogs may cause physical harm. Groundhogs are not known to actively attack humans; however, they may scratch or bite when cornered or threatened. Columbus residents should never attempt to handle groundhogs. 
  2. Groundhogs can spread dangerous diseases. Groundhogs can carry diseases, such as rabies. Not only can they spread various diseases through bites, but their feces can also carry diseases. It is best to let professionals with experience handling and cleaning up animal droppings. 
  3. Groundhogs are smart. The burrows groundhogs make have multiple entrances and exits, so setting traps can be difficult. Our professionals have experience trapping groundhogs and know the best way to trap groundhogs safely and humanely.