Columbus Wildlife Control Problems

Gray Squirrel in Columbus

Wildlife control issues in the city of Columbus and surrounding areas—like Dublin or Reynoldsburg—can become a major issue very quickly for homeowners. The size of an animal is not always proportional to the damage it can inflict on your home and property, so it's important to identify which critter is it in order to remove it properly.

Critter Control of Columbus recognizes that situations like this are serious and should be treated with caution and respect. Your Critter Control of Columbus technician will remove the animal, fix any damage it caused to your home and install prevention methods to protect your Columbus home.

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Animal trapping for wildlife like raccoons and squirrels is a great way to take care of an invasion. It allows us to relocate wildlife to an area away from your home in a humane way. Wildlife trapping is not the best form of wildlife removal for all animals, animals like bats cannot be trapped in many areas. The experts at Critter Control of Columbus will know how to safely and humanely remove any wildlife from your home! 

Trust Critter Control of Columbus to get rid of any wildlife animal you are facing a problem with, regardless of the size. Creatures like carpenter bees, geese, and moles can all prove difficult to remove without extensive knowledge of their habits and behavior, and the risks that go along with trapping and handling them. Using methods that are specific to individual animals can help the wildlife removal process go more smoothly and safely for both the creature and all humans and pets involved, and this knowledge is something our technicians have.

Concerned that you have an animal in the chimney or under the porch? Leave it to our team! DIY wildlife removal can put both you and the wildlife animal at risk. Critter Control of Columbus is able to identify many different wildlife species that are common in the Columbus area and we can remove them safely.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Using repair methods that double as prevention methods can help to keep your wildlife animals away permanently. Critters can be responsible for serious damage in a short amount of time—for example, as soon as mice leave droppings in human food, it's unusable.

Certain animals, like geese, are also a serious threat to the safety of your family, your pets, and you. Animals like moles are known for being destructive to your foliage and yard, and carpenter bees are surprisingly destructive to your home—their tunneling can weaken the structure of the wood in your home's structure.

Bats will leave guano behind, skunks leave a lasting impression when they spray, and squirrels damage your home by chewing wires and leaving droppings everywhere. 

Regardless of the severity of damage your wildlife animal is responsible for in your home, your Critter Control of Columbus technician can fix it. We install repair methods that also work as methods of prevention, so we can keep wildlife away for good.

Columbus Wildlife Prevention

Critter Control of Columbus's wildlife prevention techniques can be installed once and keep nuisance critters out for several seasons to come. Each prevention method varies per wildlife animal. Your technician may use vent screening, chimney caps, habitat modification, or one-way doors to prevent your home from being intruded upon again.

Critter Control of Columbus can handle it all! If you are facing a problem with geese, moles, woodpeckers, carpenter bees, or other critters, call us today!

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