Wildlife Damage/Control Problems

Wildlife Control Services in Columbus Wildlife control issues can become a huge headache very quickly for homeowners. Certain animals can be responsible for bigger damages, so it's important to identify which animal you're dealing with so we can begin to form a plan of eradication and future prevention. Critter Control of Columbus recognizes that situations like this are serious and should be treated with caution and respect. Your Critter Control technician will remove the animal, fix any damages it caused to your home and install prevention methods to your Columbus area home.

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Trust Critter Control of Columbus to get rid of any wildlife animal you are facing a problem with, regardless of the size. Creatures like carpenter bees, geese and moles can all prove difficult to remove without extensive knowledge of their habits and behavior, and risks that go along with handling them. Using methods that are specific to individual animals can help the wildlife removal process go more smoothly and safely.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) animal removal can put both you and the wildlife animal at risk. Critter Control of Columbus is able to identify many different wildlife species that are frequently reported in Columbus and the surrounding area, and we know how to remove them in a safe manner.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Using repair methods that double as prevention methods can help to keep your wildlife animals away permanently. Wildlife animals can be responsible for serious damage in a short amount of time. Certain animals, like geese, present a serious problem to the safety of your family, your pets, and you. Animals like moles are known for being destructive to your foliage and yard, and carpenter bees are surprisingly destructive to the structure of your home.

Regardless of the damage, your nuisance animal is responsible for in your home, your Critter Control of Columbus technician can fix it. We install repair methods that also work as methods of prevention, so we can keep wildlife away for good.


Critter Control of Columbus offers prevention techniques that can be installed to keep wildlife out of your home. Each prevention method varies per wildlife animal. Your technician may use vent screening, chimney caps, habitat modification, or one-way doors to prevent your home from being intruded upon again.

Critter Control of Columbus can handle it all! If you are facing a problem with geese, moles, woodpeckers, carpenter bees, or other critters, call us today!


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