Despite how small these critters are, chipmunks, like their relative the squirrel, are capable and ready to create a disturbance larger than you could imagine. Chipmunks can scamper up trees onto roofs and make their nest inside homes, especially dark and isolated places like attics and basements. Call Critter Control of Columbus today to trap and remove chipmunks from your home, in the long-term saving you money and time. Call or leave us more information here.

Getting Rid of Chipmunks

  • Chipmunk control in ColumbusHomeowners and farmers can attempt to fence in crops, but chipmunks are very athletic and can easily climb over or burrow under such barriers.
  • To reduce the possibility of infestations, people can take chipmunks' favorite food sources away from the area, like seeds in birdfeeders.
  • It is, however, difficult to get rid of all sources of sustenance because chipmunks are resourceful.

Common Problems with Chipmunks

  • The biggest complaint when it comes to chipmunks is their choice of food sources. Their primary food sources are seeds, nuts, vegetables, small amphibians and assorted foliage. 
  • They also enjoy pet food if it is left unattended outside.
  • Chipmunks also eat flower bulbs and seeds found on lawns and in gardens.
  • Additionally, if their populations are left to multiply, chipmunks can damage structures with their burrowing habits.
  • The rodents are also known to steal bird eggs, which can negatively impact local bird populations.

Full-Service Chipmunk Removal

Your chipmunks have been removed — now what? Critter Control of Columbus can help you keep chipmunks out for good, and repair any damage they may have caused. Waiting for chipmunks to leave is a mistake that only allows infestations to escalate. It is in your best interest to be proactive and trust our trained technicians to get rid of the pests as quickly and safely as possible.

We can help you with your chipmunk problems. Call Critter Control of Columbus today!

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