Geese are easily identifiable by their coloring. They have a black neck and head, white cheeks and chinstrap, tan breast and brown back. Their large, flat bill is ideal for dabbling for food in bodies of water and grazing at grass. Generally, geese stay in groups, but can occasionally be found by themselves. If you are having a goose problem, Critter Control of Columbus can help. Call today!

Goose Removal

Critter Control of Columbus can get rid of your goose problem from start to finish. Your technician will be skilled and trained in geese habits to provide sufficient goose control. Being knowledgeable on the regulations of geese removal is important to ensure safe control. Your Critter Control technician will know the correct ways to remove your goose problem, repair your goose problems, and prevent them from occurring again!

  • When you are experiencing a goose control problem, the damages can be messy and hazardous.
  • Your grass and yard will be ruined, diseases can be spread through their fecal matter, and they can potentially harm you, your kids, and even your pets.
  • Critter Control of Columbus will help control your goose problem from start to finish, in a professional manner.

Call Critter Control of Columbus to solve your goose problem.

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Geese are in the family Anatidae with ducks and swans. They typically exist in freshwater habitats, and they can be dangerous, especially in the spring when the mothers lay their eggs.
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