Full-Service Goose Removal 

Critter Control of Columbus services Columbus with geese control; including geese damage repairs, and geese prevention. Your technician will be familiar with laws and regulations of geese control to ensure safe and effective control methods. Habitat modification can be the most effective way to control geese and keep your property safe. If you start noticing a goose problem, call Critter Control of Columbus right away at 614.300.7547 or reach us online!

Geese are commonly found near lakes, rivers, and ponds, or around yards, park lawns, and farm fields. These large birds eat by nibbling at insects in water, grazing in fields, and taking advantage of big lawns. Critter Control of Columbus can help with geese on your property threatening your family. Call Critter Control of Columbus today or use our contact form here! 

Goose Control Services

Critter Control of Columbus can get rid of your goose problem from start to finish. Your technician will be skilled and trained in geese habits to provide sufficient goose control. Being knowledgeable about the regulations of geese removal is important to ensure safe control. Your Critter Control technician will know the correct ways to remove, repair, and prevent all your goose problems!

 Tactics that Critter Control of Columbus and homeowners can implement to remove geese include: 

  • Goose removal in Columbus Adding vegetation that will keep geese out.
  • Sometimes the presence of other animals such as dogs can keep geese away. 
  • Habitat Modification. 
  • Fencing.

Common Goose Problems 

Due to their choice of diet, geese can cause extensive damage to your crops, landscaping, and other vegetation. If you have a group of numerous geese, their grazing habits will be very destructive. Geese droppings will contaminate areas around water and can be harmful to indigenous animal populations. Their droppings create a great health risk by assisting in the spread of diseases. If geese are comfortable around humans, they can become territorial and attack them and their pets.


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Geese are in the family Anatidae with ducks and swans. They typically exist in freshwater habitats, and they can be dangerous, especially in the spring when the mothers lay their eggs.
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