Columbus faces many issues with mice in homes, particularly in attics and walls. They can contaminate your food and leave massive amounts of droppings. Critter Control of Columbus has many years of experience when it comes to removing mice, so we'd be glad to add your mouse problem to our list of successes! Call your local office today and schedule an inspection, or contact us here.


  • Mouse removal in ColumbusLive trapping is an effective way to control mice populations.
  • Covering any gaps in your home's foundation or near the attic/roofline.

Common Mice Problems

  • They will consume about three grams of food each day but will destroy much more than that thanks to their nibbling and gnawing habits.
  • They will build nests out of paper, burlap, and other fibrous materials found in and around houses, farms, warehouses, and open fields.
  • It's especially dangerous to have mice nesting in your home because they trail urine and feces behind them constantly, and many diseases are spread in this fashion.
  • House mice are destructive to gardens when they dig up freshly planted grains, mutilate crops before harvest, gnaw through containers of food in warehouses, and even contaminate packages with urine and droppings.
  • House mice are not sanitary animals and spend a lot of time rooting through dumpsters, sewers, and other filthy locations, exposing them to pathogens and secondary pests.
  • Despite their dimunitive size, mice are capable of serious structural damage. Their teeth grow quickly and they must gnaw to keep the length under control! House mice damage wall insulation, books, paintings, support beams, and more. House mice damage can also occur to electrical wires, leading to shorts and even electrical fires.
  • Because mouse populations multiply exponentially, it can be hard to keep mice under control.

Mice Removal Services

House mice are not very good at flying under the radar, so infestations can be detected early. You should call Critter Control's Toledo office as soon as you notice the first indication of a mouse infestation. Our technicians have the tools and knowledge necessary to quickly and permanently remove the house mice infestation from your home or property.

Call Critter Control of Columbus for house mice and mouse removal.

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House Mice
The house mouse is the most successful rodent in adapting to live with people. It is found almost anywhere people are, feeding on human food, sheltering in human structures, and reproducing at a remarkable rate. It is the most troublesome and economically important vertebrate pest, contaminating untold millions of dollars worth of food, damaging possessions, and causing electrical fires with its constant gnawing.
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