Moles are small, elongated creatures about 6 inches in length and about 3 ounces in weight. They have black velvety fur and tiny eyes that are generally covered by fur, and no external ears. Moles have large, spade-like forepaws that are well adapted for digging. The webbed claws are turned in an out-turned position and make these animals especially capable diggers. Moles have small eyes to avoid being damaged and clogged while tunneling. While moles are not blind, they do have bad eyesight for which their nose makes up for.

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Mole Removal

Moles are difficult to trap and populations of the pest are hard to control. Individuals dealing with mole infestations should call Critter Control, as we maintain experienced workforces that specialize in mole removal. Let our trained technicians use their expertise to eradicate mole problems quickly and efficiently. Since they tunnel so close to ground surfaces, moles often leave behind unsightly mounds of upturned dirt and kill grass and other plants when they burrow into the ground. As infestations of moles grow, they are capable of more destruction and can totally ruin otherwise aesthetically pleasing fields, as well as destroy crop yields for farmers.

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