Raccoons are notorious in the wildlife world for sifting through trash and making nests inside your attic. Their opposable thumbs help them move and grab things more freely, which can lead to more trouble for you, since it's easier for them to get inside your home. Raccoons are a nuisance on Columbus properties and inside homes, and sometimes the aggressive behavior of the raccoons can present a serious risk to the health and safety of your family and pets. Your Critter Control of Columbus technician will assist you in figuring out why the raccoons are on your property in the first place and create an effective plan to keep them away for many seasons in the future. Trapping and relocating raccoons is an important step, but keeping future infestations of raccoons at bay is pivotal in effective long-term control. Call Critter Control of Columbus or leave more information about your raccoon problem here.

Raccoon Trapping & Removal Services

Columbus raccoon trapping and removalRaccoons can be a huge nuisance on your property, and also in your Columbus home. Just like several other wildlife animals, raccoons can be responsible for expensive damages and wreck your home and property if you don't address the issue right away. Critter Control of Columbus uses a number of methods of humane raccoon removal and trapping to make sure the safety of the raccoon is paramount.

  • One-way traps allow the raccoon to get trapped inside, but it won't be able to escape
  • Methods of prevention like a chimney cap can also be effective, but these critters often make their way into chimneys and create nests anyway

Common Raccoon Damage

  • Raccoons will eat nearly anything, including the food you're growing in a garden.
  • When they get inside chimneys, raccoons can cause a large number of damages that will result in bigger problems.
  • Beginning as soon as they get inside, raccoons can create a serious amount of waste, which is often targeted in one area.
  • They are also carriers of disease, which can lead to serious health hazards for your family and pets.

Keeping Raccoons Out

Critter Control specialists are raccoon trapping and removal experts. Our experience and up-to-date equipment allow us to properly address any size of raccoon issue you're dealing with. We will help you get rid of raccoon problems. Call our Columbus office today to schedule your raccoon removal appointment!

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Raccoons are in the family Procyonidae, along with ringtails and red pandas. They are nocturnal, but they can cause real damage if left to their own devices. Call Critter Control of Columbus for your raccoon problems!
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