These masked critters are notorious for rooting through trash and nesting in your attic. They are also known for having opposable thumbs. They can be annoying to have on your property, and their sometimes aggressive nature can put your pets and your family at risk. Your Columbus Critter Control technicians will help you locate what is drawing the raccoons to your property and plan a way to keep them disinterested from returning. Call your local Columbus office, or at the form here

Keeping raccoons out

Raccoon problems in ColumbusRaccoons are not a welcome guest in your home — they will cause costly damages and wreck your home and property if you don't address them right away. Critter Control of Columbus uses multiple methods of humane raccoon removal and trapping to ensure the raccoon is treated respectfully.

  • One-way live traps will get the raccoon in, but it won't be able to get back out.
  • Prevention methods like chimney caps are also effective, as these critters sometimes get into and nest in chimneys.

Potential Raccoon Damage

  • Raccoons will eat nearly anything, including any food you're growing.
  • When entering attics and chimneys, raccoons will create extensive damages that will lead to further problems.
  • Once they get inside, raccoons will create a great amount of excrement and urine.
  • They are also a carrier of diseases which can pose hazards to your family and pets.

Raccoon Removal

Critter Control specialists are raccoon trapping and removal experts. Our experience and up-to-date equipment allow us to properly address any size of raccoon issue you're dealing with. We will help you get rid of raccoon problems. Call today.

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Raccoons are in the family Procyonidae, along with ringtails and red pandas. They are nocturnal, but they can cause real damage if left to their own devices. Call Critter Control of Columbus for your Raccoon problems!
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