Skunks are widely known across America for their very pungent spray. North America's two most populous skunk species are the spotted and striped skunk, while other species are less common. Although skunks can be more beneficial to yards than many realize, most homeowners prefer to be skunk-free because of their notorious odor and digging habits. Get rid of skunks near your yard. Call Critter Control of Columbus today!

Skunk Removal

Most skunks come around because there is easy access to food or shelter, so the first part of skunk removal should be accessing and removing any potential elements that attract or encourage skunk habitation. This can include cleaning up garden areas or installing fencing, making sure garbage bins are secure, and that the property is free of debris piles. 

Critter Control will determine the best method of trapping and removal. Once we are familiar with their behavior and the damage they have caused we will trap and remove the skunk or skunks, repair any damage they caused and make sure control efforts are in place to keep any new skunks from arriving. Homeowners risk the possibility of being sprayed when they interact with skunks, so do not approach them! Instead of attempting to remove the skunk yourself call Critter Control to assist with skunk problems. We employ only expert-level pest professionals to ensure jobs are done right and in the safest way possible!

We can help you get rid of skunk problems! Call our Columbus office today.

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Skunks are drawn to human activity due to the abundant food sources available. They most commonly enter properties and live under buildings, decks, and patios. Able to live off of eating pretty much anything, skunks may enter your property looking to graze on garden vegetation, raid pet food, and demolish leftover food in trash bins. Skunks have also been known to break into chicken coops to steal eggs or hatchlings.
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