Critter Control is your first choice for full-service wildlife damage control companies in Columbus and the surrounding area. Our team will remove any unwanted wildlife animals and repair any critter home/property damages. Your technician will follow up with continued wildlife control services until the job is done to your satisfaction! Call Critter Control of Columbus and schedule your appointment today!

Animal Damage Control 

Wildlife animals create unique damage depending on species and therefore require different prevention/repair methods. Your Critter Control of Columbus technician is experienced in native wildlife habits, necessary repair techniques, and preventative measures in warding off future invasions.

 Some methods of wildlife animal management that we know are important include:

  • Wildlife damage control in ColumbusCustomer education
  • Habitat modification
  • Wildlife exclusion
  • Wildlife removal/relocation
  • Damage repair
  • Attic restoration
  • Replacement of insulation

Wildlife Prevention

Prevention of wildlife infestations are a large part of wildlife damage control, so after the removal of unwanted animals we repair damages and implement state-of-the-art prevention techniques such as installing vent screens, chimney caps and closing entry holes reduces the opportunity for future conflicts with unwanted mice, squirrels, raccoons, and other nuisance animals.

Damage Repair Services

Sometimes, we can't catch the wildlife problem before it happens. If that is the case, don't worry--Critter Control of Columbus provides damage repair services to get your home back into shape. Some of the common services we offer include: 

Common Wildlife Problems for Columbus Residents

Some wildlife that Columbus residents frequently run into include: 

Because the winters are cold in Columbus, these animals are looking for a cozy place to stay as the temperatures drop. Common wildlife problems in the neighborhood include mouse infestations in walls, raccoon babies in chimneys, and squirrel nests in attics. 

If you are facing any wildlife problems in your home, our experts can help! Call Critter Control of Columbus today! 614.300.7547