We Fix Damage from Critters!

Critter Control is your first choice for full-service wildlife damage control companies in Columbus and the surrounding area. Our team will remove any unwanted wildlife animals and repair any critter home/property damages. Your technician will follow up with continued wildlife control services until the job is done to your satisfaction! Call Critter Control of Columbus and schedule your appointment today!Wildlife damage control

Damage Control

  • Geese damage, mole damage, woodpecker damage, and squirrel damage can all end up becoming large issues in your house.
  • Wildlife animals create unique damage depending on species, and therefore require different prevention/repair methods. Your Critter Control of Columbus technician is experienced in native wildlife habits, necessary repair techniques, and preventative measures in warding off future invasions.

Wildlife Prevention

  • It is important to prevent wildlife damage before it occurs. Critter Control of Columbus will inspect your home top to bottom, inside and out, and create a plan to keep your home safe from wildlife intrusions and damages.
  • Prevention techniques may include habitat modifications, customer education, screening vents, chimney caps, and closing all possible entry holes.

If you believe you have a need for wildlife damage control, call Critter Control of Columbus.